In Loving Memory of Nancy Browne Maclellan


Humility, Integrity, Beauty, Strength, Grace, Mercy, Generosity, Faithfulness, and Great Honor are all words reflecting the attributes of Nancy Browne Maclellan. The first time I met Nancy she came to Shepherd's Arms Rescue Mission with Prudy Simpson as a representative of the Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church. She and Prudy brought hot dogs, chili, and slaw for our after-school tutoring program for inner city children. She rolled up her sleeves and went to work feeding hungry, needy children. The children adored her and she them. When homework time rolled around, she pulled out her calculator and began to help our students with their math. She was interested in every child, every need, every concern.


From the first time I laid eyes on her I could literally see Jesus glowing in her beautiful heart, and I loved her and wanted to be her friend and prayer partner because of her great intimacy with our Savior. She quietly graced this mission in loving service for many years. I cannot count the times we would have a financial need at the mission and never mention it to her or anyone but Jesus to ask for His help. It wouldn't be long until an unexpected check would arrive in the mail from Nancy and Hugh. Nancy stayed in touch with her Master Jesus Christ, and He communicated His wishes to her.  She was a praying woman of great faith.


Nancy Maclellan helped finish the fourteen- year building project at Shepherd's Arms for homeless women and children. On January 28, 2018 we named the new dormitory Nancy's House in her honor. She attended the Dedication Service in her wheelchair because ALS disease had taken her physical strength. At the conclusion of the service we gathered around her to pray for her healing. God always heals in one of three ways. He heals instantly, gradually, or ultimately.  On May 21, 2018 at approximately 6:55 a.m. she received her ultimate healing. On January 28, 2018 she helped open the doors of Nancy's House for homeless women and children and on May 21, 2018 Jesus Christ opened the doors of His Father's House for Nancy Browne Maclellan.


After her memorial service her caregivers came to Shepherd's Arms bringing a financial gift in her honor. They visited with us a very long time sharing story after story of her loving generosity. They said she never passed up a person on the street asking for help but always stopped to minister to the one in need. I love that merciful mind set and have decided to adopt it as my own rather than trying to judge everyone I meet. In our weekly Bible study at Nancy's House we are studying the Book of James and the title of the study is Mercy Triumphs. That was Nancy Browne Maclellan's testimony of mercy triumphing over judgment. I thank God for the mercy she extended to me personally and to all at Shepherd's Arms Rescue Mission and Nancy's House.  


Her physical presence will be greatly missed at Shepherd's Arms and in Chattanooga, Tennessee and around the world. Her legacy lives on in every homeless mother and child who comes to stay at Nancy's House. Thank you Nancy for loving Jesusmore than anyone else because when you love Jesus first, everyone else receives God's best in abundance.  Our continued love and prayers are with Hugh and the family.