Ministering to Homeless Women with Children, Widows, and At-Risk Inner City Youth in Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

Scheduled Events for Shepherd’s Arms Ministry


  • CHRISTMAS ADOPTION PROGRAM – Shepherd’s Arms has been adopting families at Christmas for the past 18 years. Anyone desiring to adopt a family needs to contact the ministry by the first week in November in order to secure guidelines for adoption. Anyone desiring to be adopted at Christmas needs to apply for adoption no later than the first week in November. We are thankful for our ministry partners for underwriting this very important program.
  • THANKSGIVING DINNER – Shepherd’s Arms annually serves dinner on site the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Anyone desiring to volunteer needs to contact the ministry by the first week in November. Anyone desiring to attend the dinner needs to call and make reservations one week before Thanksgiving. All meals are free because of the gracious generosity of our ministry partners.
  • THANKSGIVING TURKEY BOXES – Shepherd’s Arms delivers turkeys and a one-month supply of groceries to families in need at Thanksgiving. Applications to receive a turkey box must be submitted no later than the first week of November. We are deeply grateful to our ministry partners for providing the resources for this important project.
  • SUMMER YOUTH ENRICHMENT DAY CAMPĀ – Summer Youth Day Camp is open to at-risk inner city youth and former homeless residents of SARM. There is no charge for campers because of the generosity of the ministry partners of SARM. Applications for camp must be completed and turned in no later than June 15th.


  • WIDOWS MONTHLY LUNCHEON AND BIBLE STUDY – The last Tuesday of the month at 12 noon a luncheon/ Bible study for the widows is held on site at SARM. Bus pick up is available to all. A 24-hour advance call is needed for bus pick-up. There is no cost to the widows because of our faithful ministry partners. Volunteers are always needed to help serve the widows. Anyone interested in volunteering needs to contact the ministry in advance.


  • CHAPEL SERVICES – Sunday afternoons at 4 p.m. a chapel service is conducted on site at SARM. This service is open to the community and is a part of the residential program for moms and children. All those attending chapel receive an evening meal at no charge. SARM ministry partners underwrite this important service. There is always a need for volunteers to prepare meals off site and come on site and serve.
  • WIDOWS AND HOMELESS KNITTING CLASS – The widows join the former homeless residents for a weekly knitting class on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. on site at SARM. A weekly devotion is delivered and an evening meal is served pro-bono. There is no cost for supplies as these are provided by the partners of SARM.
  • AFTER-SCHOOL BIBLE STUDY CLASS -Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 4 p.m. an after-school Bible study is scheduled with dinner following class. School supplies and school uniforms are provided all students at no cost to the students. Many thanks to our ministry donors for underwriting this important program.