Ministering to Homeless Women with Children, Widows, and At-Risk Inner City Youth in Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

At-Risk Inner City Youth Ministry

Youth Camp


Youth Ministry - FriendsShepherd’s Arms began an out-reach to at-risk inner city youth fifteen years ago. Due to the erosion of the family unit as God designed it we believe it is vitally important that we reach the next generation for Jesus Christ and disciple them in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. It is our prayer that Malachi 4:6 be accomplished as we ask the Lord to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. Teaching the Word of God to our children is the most important gift we can present to the next generation coupled with life- style evangelism as we live it before them as models.Baptismal Service at Farm
The ministry at Shepherd’s Arms has an after-school Bible Study twice weekly followed by dinner. Presentation of the Word of God is also accomplished in Summer Youth Enrichment Camp. During Summer Youth Camp the Word is taught daily along with fine arts. Last day of camp 036Educational field trips are enjoyed during camp. The last day of camp is shoe shopping day. Every child attending camp receives a new pair of school shoes. School uniforms are also provided as needed. Every child accepting Christ in Summer Camp is baptized in water.DSC_3734
Christmas Adoption for our inner-city families is another way of staying connected and making regular spiritual deposits into their lives. Former residential clients also are eligible to be adopted at Christmas.